Thursday, November 29, 2012

Local Focus 5 Film Festival Winner!

Scrap Metal is this year's winner Animated Film category of the Local Focus 5 Film Festvial!

This is the fifth annual festival of its kind, hosted in my hometown by the Multicultural Cinema Club. Scrap Metal screened in the 8pm block at Queen Street Commons Café on November 22, 2012.
I meant to go to this but, unfortunately, completely forgot because I just finished moving back home from California. It`s a real shame I didn't go.

My prizes include a $600 HD Equipment Package & One Year Membership at the Multicultural Cinema Club! In addition, I'm receiving a certificate and getting paid CARFAC recommended artist fees. CARFAC is an organisation that makes it their priority to ensure artists are paid a cut of profits resulting from the screening or distribution of their work. This is fantastic and I think other festivals should make this a priority as most other festivals actually cost the artist money to submit, but don't offer any financial return or reimbursement after the festival is over.

Props to the Multcultural Cinema Club, you guys are awesome!

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