Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meet the Composer

Scrap Metal's musical composer Paul Emil Levasseur was featured today in an article on Read the full article here.

Paul: “For me, art is about creativity, creation, and communication. Like watching the sun set, beauty is something that can be appreciated. Yet, not all art should be about beauty since oftentimes, other emotional, human, and otherworldly states need to explored. In a recent commission, I was charged with the task of creating a sacred work for solo cello for the international cello festival, something that was to be an expression of faith by both the composer and the performer. This begs the question: in lieu of text, what can make music sacred? Can art hold meaning, even if it is not absolute meaning? If the goal is to communicate, what can be communicated through music?

"As a composer, after studying an undergrad at U of Manitoba and a masters at UBC, I became very interested in this idea of communication. Rather than letting my creative process be dictated by boundaries of what should and should not be done, I decided to focus on writing without boundaries. We were taught to ‘think outside the box’ but I think it best to respond to this maxim by saying ‘what box?’ I believe musical expression can occur freely when any sort of artificial boundaries are crushed and the creative process can occur when, as creators, we draw upon the sum total of our musical experiences.”

Paul Levasseur is the mastermind behind the Scrap Metal soundtrack. I requested something very reminiscent of the old 50s monster flicks and he delivered a sound scape that payed homage yet also remains fresh an unique. There is no arguing that Paul's music truly ignites the images on screen.

Paul isn't limited to just monster music either, he has a wide range of music potential. Check out Ragen, where he crafts a score reminiscent of French cinema.

If you are interested in contacting Paul Levasseur, you can email him at <>

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